• The Sixth Day10:30
  • Picture Frame4:04
  • In Silence4:39
  • Jacob's Song3:49
  • Open Wounds4:56
  • The Hard Road6:30
  • Unfinished Psalm2:50
  • Shut up and die6:12
  • Soldier's Cry4:33
  • Luck Expires4:39
  • The 25th Floor5:00
  • The Valley of Perdition (New)6:15
  • Sleep (acoustic)3:31
  • Last Goodbye (New)3:52
  • TO GIVE UP3:10
  • The Watchman3:55
  • Deliverance7:38
  • Planet Caravan4:29
  • These Are Clouds5:08
  • If I Could6:00
  • The Broken Man3:39
  • I Swore I Saw You4:12
  • Maniac (ode to Elijah)2:54

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